Minister urges performing artists to ‘get visitors out of hotel rooms’


The meeting between Minister St Ange and his team (above) with performing artists (below)

Mr St Ange told a gathering of artists at the National Hall of Culture that large 5-star hotels have a tendency to favour pianists and other “one-man bands” for entertainment. He said it was up to the artists to organise their own shows which, if successful, will draw tourists away from the hotel rooms at night.

This could prompt some establishments to re-think their entertainment policies, especially if clients are eating and drinking elsewhere at night.

Mr St Ange hailed Jean-Marc Volcy’s initiative to stage his own show later this month. In July, David André, Joe Samy and Patrick Victor performed together and pulled an enthusiastic crowd at the International Conference Centre (ICCS). The minister has no doubt that other artistes can do likewise.

Mr St Ange also noted that the Reunion press has been full of praise for Chico Martino and Sandra following highly successful tours there, adding that this has been a good way for them to become visible internationally.

Speaking on the need for Seychelles to become an events-based destination, he said that besides the Carnaval Internationale de Victoria, Festival Kreol, Subios underwater festival and FetAfrik, measures are also being taken to add Indian and Chinese fiestas to the list as from next year.

Minister St Ange said he has signed twinning agreements with Didier Robert, chairman of the Conseil Régional de La Réunion, and Mauritian Minister of Arts and Culture, Mukewar Choonee. The agreements make it possible for Seychellois artists to showcase and sell their works on the two islands, while Reunionnais and Mauritian artists can also market theirs in Seychelles.

Mr St Ange said there are plans to make the L’Esplanade livelier with artists doing their paintings during the day.

An ‘Arts Village’ at Roche Caïman at and another project at Val de Près also feature in the ministry’s plans.

Concerning royalties for artists on songs played in various institutions, Seychelles Artists and Composers Society (Sacs) chairman David André said the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) and the telecom companies are paying, but negotiations are still ongoing with hotels.

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