New reading centre at Port Glaud school to boost learning


Guests watch some students put on a small presentation during the opening of the reading centre

The reading centre project was initiated after it was found that some students had difficulties reading.

The centre has a variety of activities that will cater for all levels of abilities and interest. These include reading games, books, and research corners.

There is also a television and reading cassettes from which students can choose stories and read along with the cassettes as they play or even watch documentaries.

A teachers’ corner with textbooks that can be used for leisure or as teaching material is also part of the reading centre project financed by the Indian Association which adopted the school during the official opening ceremony recently.

Members of the association were present for the opening as well as district administrator Maisy Port-Louis and some parents.

Addressing the guests, school head teacher Shirley Hoareau said three months ago on Children’s Day, the Indian Association made a commitment to work with the school to help develop the pupils’ ability to the maximum.

“The opening of the reading centre coincides with the school’s 10th anniversary celebrated on October 3,” she said.

“Children, this room is all yours, it will inspire you, make you dream and enrich your knowledge.

Teachers, this is your garden too. There are many books to help broaden your knowledge and of course your pupils’ knowledge. Parents, you have not been forgotten. Whenever you have some free time, such as during lunch break, a day off from work or during the holidays, please do come along because it will be your garden too,”  said Ms Hoareau.

She also called on other organisations and businesses – especially those made up of people who have been educated at the Port Glaud school – to take the example of the Indian Association and give a helping hand to the school.

The chairman of the Indian Association, Vijay Patel, asked the students to make good use of the centre and to enhance their knowledge and also the school by getting good results.

“It is our wish that students of this school shine, and make themselves, their teachers, parents and also us proud to have shared our resources so that you (the students) can have the necessary tools to make a difference,” he said.

He also invited the school to submit their proposals for another project that the association can take up.

The school’s special needs co-ordinator Graciana Marie said the Indian Association has sponsored all the books and other materials in the centre, and will keep updating it with new books.

“Each teacher has already set their targets for the students’ development and it is hoped that the new centre will help the students reach their target quicker and easier,” said Ms Marie.

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