Exhibition of Girno Beaudoin’s work


Minister Mondon and other guests viewing Girno’s paintings on display in the exhibition

Girno’s family members, colleagues and close friends put up an exhibition at the Carrefour des Arts and the launch coincided with his 32nd birthday. The exhibition formed part of activities organised for this year’s Teachers’ Week and honoured the young artist, who was also a teacher by profession and had worked with the Ministry of Education for 10 years.

Girno’s paintings depict the way of life of the Seychellois people and carry colourful names like Pous sa Pirog, Market Scene, Dorade at Eden, Por Bato Artizanal, Moon Ring at Eden, and Marine Charter Bay Scene. This not only shows his uniqueness as an artist, but his great sense of creativity, style and passion.

The exhibition was officially launched by the Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon in the presence of other officials from her ministry, family, friends and colleague artists of Girno.
Minister Mondon said that as a teacher, Girno touched many lives, and had taken on the role of counsellor for many students as a result of his kindness.

Minister Mondon added that Girno had been able to make a difference in the lives of the many students in his care.

“Girno is also remembered for his simplicity and dedication to duty.  He has always been in the forefront during Teachers’ Week in the organisation of the teachers’ exhibition and also as a member of the decoration team. In April this year we launched the Celebrating Teachers’ project and it was no other than Girno who ensured that the quality of the decor was second to none,” she said.

“Today it is Girno’s work we are exhibiting and it is Girno whom we are celebrating, and I hope that his determination, his vision and joie de vivre will be a source of inspiration for other young artists,” added the minister.

In a project that Girno worked on earlier this year, he wrote about his love for art and his dream of having his own solo exhibition. He professed his love for working with acrylic paint because he said he is a fast painter, but is also open to using a variety of media, which helped him develop new techniques and gain new skills – an asset to him in his paintings.

“My work consists of a variety of hues that are controlled in using impact from a distance. I love to paint landscape, seascape, market place scenes, boats and reflections,” he wrote.

“I have taken part in various international and national art competitions and I’ve won a lot of prizes. My biggest aspiration is to mount an exhibition with my paintings. This is actually my dream for 2012.”
Girno’s works is available for purchase and the exhibition will remain open until October 19.


Samples of Girno’s paintings depicting his love for boats and reflections

Girno Beaudouin’s quick fact file:
• Born 2nd October 1980
• From a family of two, he was raised by his grandmother
• Loved fishing and working on his motorbike
• Attended crèche and primary school at Glacis, secondary school at Beau Vallon
• Was fascinated by arts from a very young age and was encouraged to take it up by his art teachers at Beau Vallon school
• Attended the National Youth Service (NYS) and later the College of the Arts
• In his third year at the College of the Arts, he was encouraged to develop a personal style
• Was influenced by impressionalist painters like Claude Monet, Cezane and Camille Pissaro
• Continued his studies at the National Institute of Education, received a Diploma in Art Education
• Loves to work with acrylic paint on canvas, due to being a fast painter
• Loves to use a variety of other media
• Apart from teaching, indulged in other arts domain like car-wrapping, designing advertising stickers, signage, vehicle spraying and air-brush window tinting



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