Darryl Joubert wins school photo competition again


Darryl JoubertThe photographic competition for Seychelles’ school kids was first launched in 2011 by the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) on the occasion of the country’s 40th anniversary of tourism.
Winner of the first competition, 15-year-old Darryl has this time won the competition with his snapshot of two young girls sitting along the Praslin island jetty with an amazing sunset in the background. The title of his work is ‘Where harmony begins’.

He describes the image as “at a time when we thought that all were lost to technologies, we see two young girls sharing a harmonious moment together with a golden sunset.”

Daryl has received a cash prize of R10,000 sponsored by the Seychelles tourism ambassador in Zambia, Jimmy Butt ,who from the start of the competition had committed himself to sponsor three editions.

This year’s competition was held under the theme ‘Where harmony is a way of life’.

It was open to school kids between 12 and 16 years old. Photo entries were judged based on five criteria: originality, relevance to the theme, the story behind the theme, image quality, captivating and enticing nature of the image, and finally its usability in a tourism campaign.

The judging panel was made up of five members – the principal secretary for culture, Benjamine Rose, Shane Emilie of the environmental education unit within the Ministry of Education, STB representative Line Mancienne, Miera Savy serving as a public eye, and photographer Steve Nibourette.

The photo that won Darryl the top prize

Speaking about this year’s competition, STB senior coordinator for events, Sharon François said that despite of having more entries last year, the photos submitted for this second competition are of greater quality and hold more creativity.

“The competition demonstrates much talent and skills from our young contestants, promising Seychelles with its next generation of brilliant photographers,” said Ms François.

“The fact that Daryl is twice a winner of the competition despite of a new group of judges this year, is in itself impressive and very encouraging,” added Ms François.

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