Seychelles businesses rally behind their Festival Kreol


Representatives of the sponsors in a souvenir photograph with Minister St Ange and other culture officials

The Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange recently accepted a total of R90,000 from three partners, namely the Seychelles Trading Company (STC), Vimal Shopping and Barrister France Bonté.

In his address to the sponsors Minister St Ange said it is comforting to see friends of the festival come forward to support the event.

Addressing STC’s assistant Internal Auditor, Raymond Simeon, and May-Rose Samson, the company’s Product Manager Duty Free, Minister St Ange thanked STC for being a faithful partner and stressed on the fact that, as STC is a trading company, it is giving back to the Seychellois nation to help bring Seychelles to the forefront.

Vimal Virasamy, proprietor of Vimal Shopping, was congratulated on the fact that he personally contacted the Festival Kreol secretariat seeking information on how he could support the event, an initiative that Minister St Ange said is a model of personal motivation.

And to Barrister Bonté, represented in his absence by Giovanna Rousseau, the sponsorship coordinator for the Festival, the minister pointed out that his donation comes as a social attachment from an individual eager to promote our culture and for our nation.

To conclude, Mr St Ange said that the R90,000 will no doubt contribute towards making the 27th Festival Kreol a big success.

Also present at the ceremony was the special advisor for Culture Raymonde Onezime, and other representatives of the Festival Kreol secretariat.

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