SAHTC celebrates world food day with cooperation agreement


The signing activity was part of the activities organised to mark World Food Day yesterday at the Seychelles Agricultural and Horticultural Training Centre (SAHTC), Anse à la Mouche.

The agreement was signed by education principal secretary Merida Delcy, SAHTC director Georgie Belmont, and Zeng Meng, the manager of the Seychelles Agricultural New Technology Company which manages the nearby farm.

 Exchanging documents after signing the agreement

Mr Belmont said the farm is carrying out a pilot project and is putting on trial a variety of planting methods here.

Under the agreement, the school will benefit from learning about the technology being used by the farm, gain experience through training there and get expertise from the staff.

The farm produces vegetables, mostly tomatoes and cucumbers, and Mr Belmont said the school will certainly stand to gain with such a partnership.

“The Seychelles Agricultural New Technology Company is sharing its technology with us and we also share what we know. After accumulating all those useful information we will share it with other local farmers,” he said.

He added that hydroponics is a system that could be very productive for Seychelles since a lot can be gained from only a small area when using the system.

“Since Seychelles has problems with enough terrains for planting, this could well be a viable solution for food production locally,” he said. 

Addressing the audience, which included Education Minister Macsuzy Mondon, Mr Belmont said the institution remains focused on its role to continue improving the training it offers, and produce competent and innovative workers in this sector.

“We also remain committed in finding new ways to diversify the training we offer,” he said.
Guests also viewed an exhibition organised for the occasion and it was an opportunity for them to admire and learn about a variety of foods and other plants available locally.

Guests viewing the exhibition

“We are also showcasing what we do here. So we are getting secondary students to understand that they have the SAHTC as a choice for post secondary schooling and that it is a good choice. Food production is a career for life and we want students to know that,” he said.

Mr Belmont also said the school has developed good relations with the Wildlife Club of Seychelles which has given it support in various ways and said the exhibition will remain an annual event on the school’s calendar.

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