3rd Year Law students attend National Assembly lecture


Students during their lecture

In order to facilitate a broader understanding of such concepts, 3rd Year law students from the University of Seychelles (UniSey) had the chance recently to experience the practice of law by visiting the National Assembly at Ile du Port.

Thirteen students observed one of the sessions of the National Assembly and their visit was followed by a lecture session with the National Assembly Parliamentary Librarian Sandra Hall.

As well as extending and consolidating the original experience of observation, students discovered a great deal more about the workings of the secretariat of the National Assembly alongside the parliamentary function and structures.

Dr. Jaggadishen Chelumbrun, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, also attended the sitting and stated: “These visits are important for the students because they allow them to appreciate the distinction between the independence of parliament, executive and the judiciary.” 

Students also met Azarel Ernesta, the Clerk of the National Assembly, who managed to escape from her busy schedule to explain the significance of the National Assembly logo, some of the procedures of the National Assembly, and also outline her role as the Clerk of the National Assembly.

Ms Ernesta later presented each of the students with a copy of the Standing Orders as a souvenir.

Students gained a great deal from the lecture and the interactive session which followed. A vibrant question and answer session with Ms Hall enabled them to further appreciate the importance of the work of the National Assembly and its systems and ethos.

Students outside of the National Assembly building with Ms Hall

The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities said that the next visit will hopefully be at the Court of Appeal.


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