President visits Praslin families and district administrations


President Michel during meetings with the Baie St Anne (above) and Grand Anse authorities

The head of state visited the island of Praslin yesterday, held meetings with the authorities of the two districts, and learned more about the developments that are due to take place there in the remainder of this year, as well as those that will happen next year.

The visits took place after Mr Michel had attended the official opening of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation’s new office on Praslin, based in the Seychelles Pension Fund building.

President Michel also visited a number of families from both districts, where he spent some time with each and updated himself on their welfare.

“It is a pleasure for me to remain connected to the people in different communities, and my visits enable me to know their well-being, their aspirations, and this is what I have always stressed that other leaders in the communities and the district authorities do – to always stay in touch with their people,” he said.

Mr Michel said the meetings with the district authorities had kept him updated on various projects to do with roads, housing, all of which he said were important, especially since the national budget is about to be prepared for next year.

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