President hopeful for hostages’ release


Speaking during the En Moman Avek Prezidan programme aired yesterday evening on Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) TV, President Michel said that since their capture on November 2 last year the authorities have not relented in the process to secure the release of Marc Songoire and Rolly Tambara.

The President said a lot of discussions have taken place and are still going on at all levels.
“I have been in touch with almost all world capitals which are in some way involved in trying to resolve the Somalia conflict to help us secure the release of our two citizens,” said the President.

Mr Michel noted that talks, details of which he did not want to elaborate on at this point, have recently been more intense and he has expressed optimism about the outcome.

“I am very optimistic that a solution will be found soon and our two brothers will be released,” the President reassured.

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