Women unite in solidarity with cancer patients


Members of the club forming the ‘pink link’ in front of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

This was done in front of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral after a short procession across parts of town starting from Trinity House, through Quincy street – in front of the Hindu temple – and went on to finish in front of the church.

Once there, all marchers, and members of the public who wanted to join, stood in a line – the pink link – and held hands in silence as a sign of respect for cancer sufferers everywhere.

Mrs Angelique Morel, a long-time member of the Soroptimist International Club of Victoria, said early morning club members gave out little pink ribbons to the public and in return people would donate any amount they saw fit.

“This activity started some years ago and on this occasion we ask members of the public to wear pink as a sign of solidarity for people suffering from breast cancer,” she said.

Mrs Morel said the proceeds raised will be handed over to any cancer related cause.

“So far we have helped in sending two nurses overseas for a five-day oncology course and this was sponsored by the Club’s president Erica Naidoo,” she said. The sponsorship amounted to R38,000 and was raised through the sale of Soroptimist lottery tickets.

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