More outpatient clinics for west Mahé residents


Minister Mitcy Larue said this has been possible because statistics collected have shown the need to open the Port Glaud health centre twice a week for medical consultations.

Patients will be able to visit the doctor at the Port Glaud health centre on Tuesday and Wednesday morning as from the beginning of this month.

Minister Larue gave these details in answer to a question by elected member for Port Glaud Sultane Jacqueline. She had asked the minister about her ministry’s plans to increase doctor consultations at the Port Glaud and Béolière health centres.

For the Béolière health centre, an extra clinic has also been added. Clinics will now take place all day on Monday and Thursday. On Friday morning a doctor will see patients until noon.

Minister Larue pointed out that this means residents from these two districts will have the possibility to receive doctor consultations in these two health centres throughout the week but added that all emergencies after hours will have to report to the Anse Boileau health centre which provides 24-hour services.

Mr Larue noted that all other services being offered at the health centres, like family planning, home visits, children health clinic among others, will continue as usual in both health centres.

She also said that the increase in services has been possible due to re-organisation of the health service which has enrolled more doctors.

She added that the ministry hopes to review services in other health centres around the country if the need arises and if and when the ministry has adequate health professionals.
The health ministry is also in the process of reviewing the way health centres are organised and services delivered.

At this point, Minister Larue invited members of the Assembly who have any propositions on how to improve services in their respective districts’ health centres to submit them to the ministry before the end of November.

Due to the fact that the Béolière health centre is used mostly by Grand Anse Mahe residents, elected member for that district Lenny Lebon asked Minister Larue if it is still viable to continue offering services at the Souvenir health centre.

She pointed out that for the time being the Souvenir health centre will continue to operate as it is and any review of services will be carried out in consultation with the inhabitants using the centre.

Minister Larue also informed the Assembly that five new ambulances are expected to join the ministry’s fleet soon to beef up the service.

The possibility to attach an ambulance to more remote regional health centres is also being studied, added the minister.

Elected member for Baie St Anne Praslin Natasha Esther wanted to know if the ministry has any plans to install an incinerator on the island to dispose of clinical waste which at present has to be transported twice weekly to Mahe for that purpose.

Minister Larue said it is in the ministry’s plan to install such a facility near the mortuary on Praslin and which will also be used by La Digue until a new health centre with such a facility is built on that island.

Minister Larue noted that an incinerator, though smaller than the one at the Seychelles Hospital, with all supporting facilities included, will cost some R2.7 million to install. The money is being proposed in the 2013 budget.

Meanwhile, Minister Larue also informed the Assembly that the Wellness Centre at Les Cannelles to treat patients with mental health problems is expected to open its doors early next year if all goes according to plan.

She said this in an answer to a question asked by Assembly member Maria Payet-Marie.
Minister Larue also informed elected member for Anse Royale Dereck Samson that her ministry is waiting for green light from the Ministry of Land Use and Housing to officially open the Anse Royale hospital.

Minister Larue said the Ministry of Land Use and Housing is responsible for both projects in the district of Anse Royale. She added that the delay in the opening of the hospital is beyond her ministry’s control.

In Tuesday’s question time session, Minister Larue also answered a question by elected member for la Digue and the Inner Islands Chantal Ghislain, who wanted to know why patients from La Digue are waiting so long for an appointment to undergo cataract operations.

The minister said there are some 300 patients on the waiting list and added that an eye specialist is expected in the country this month to carry out some of these operations and hopefully help clear the backlog.

She also said two or three cataract operation camps are to be organised early next year to relieve the situation.

Meanwhile, Minister Larue also informed the Assembly that the health ministry is still in the process of recruiting an oncologist. This was in answer to a question by elected member for Mont Buxton Sheryl Vangadasamy who wanted the minister to explain why with the increase in the number of people suffering with cancer until now there is no oncologist employed at the hospital.

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