Nurses boost skills in leading theatre service


The course delegates in a souvenir photograph with coordinators and health officials

This was through a one-week training workshop held at the Sheik Khalifa Diagnostic centre, aimed at empowering nurses professionally to learn more on how to lead and improve a theatre service, protecting themselves and their patients and to develop a sense of self-esteem in a difficult sector.

The event was led by a United Kingdom-based charity organisation run entirely by volunteers called Friends of African Nursing (Foan), which has been educating more than 1400 nurses in nine African countries since 2001.

The workshop in Seychelles was led by the Kate Woodhead and Lesley Fudge. The former is a qualified nurse specialising in perioperative nursing and then started her own consultancy business and is an advisor to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Lesley is also a qualified nurse, who followed orthopaedic training, and became an independent consultant in 2003, and also the co-founder of Foan.

The representatives said their programmes help those who follow to learn more of the theory behind nursing and the specialist knowledge required to deliver perioperative care in countries where there is little access to specialist continuing education.

“We help them to update their practical skills and develop a theoretical knowledge in the operative field,” they said.

“Ministry of Health and Chief Nursing Officers are key partners in cost-sharing and provision of a tailor-made programme to meet the country’s needs, this creating for the country a sustainable partnership and capacity improvement within the theatre nursing population.”

The programme delivered in Seychelles enabled practical discussion on how international best practices and knowledge may be applied to current practice and changes made as necessary. Best practices were taught using up-to-date UK and international standards documents to provide a sound basis for changes to clinical practice.

Those taking part were assessed through feedback sessions as well as formal evaluations. A certificate-presentation ceremony was held at the Sheik Khalifa Diagnostic Centre on Friday afternoon, where those taking part were awarded.

Certificates were presented by the principal secretary for health Veronique Laporte, who thanked all the stakeholders for the initiative.

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