Communities get fire safety education


The fire safety session on Saturday at Les Mamelles

A half-day fire safety session took place at the Les Mamelles district administration on Saturday and it was aimed at arming people from Mont Fleuri, Pointe Larue, Roche Caïman and Les Mamelles districts with the right ammunitions to combat fires.

The session is one of a number of talks and demonstrations that the Fire and Rescue Services Agency, in collaboration with the department of community development, is holding in various regions across the country.

This is with the aim of educating people about fire prevention, fire safety, how to react in case of a fire, and many more.

Community development department representative Sandra Sabury told Seychelles Nation that they are holding the talks at regional level and hope that those who attend will pass on the information to others.

“With fires causing destruction in communities, the ideal people to target for education on fire safety is of course the people in communities. Those same people can teach themselves and others about how to stay safe,” she said.

After the talks were held, all present went outside where demonstrations were held. Fire and Rescue Services Agency representative Jones Madeleine showed how one could extinguish a fire that had started in a pan left too long on the stove, and other useful tips on how to deal with a fire that had started in the house.

The agency’s divisional officer Regis Bethew told Seychelles Nation that they had held similar talks and demonstrations in places like Bel Ombre and Takamaka, and that they bring in people from the region for maximum coverage.

“It is important for people to know how to prevent a fire, how to deal with a fire, especially what one can do to prevent a fire from spreading further, so that by the time the fire services arrive on scene the situation is not totally or too out of control,” he said.
“We would also like to educate people, companies and others on how to incorporate fire safety into buildings or houses that are to be built. All homes should also have a fire extinguisher, or at least a small smoke alarm, a gong or all of those which are small investments that might just save all the assets that one has taken many years to get,” added Mr Bethew.

He noted that they are reaching out to communities because they need people to be aware of fire safety and fire prevention, so that they are not alone in their tasks of keeping communities safe.

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