Barclays launches new queue system to enhance service


Customers who walk into the Independence Avenue branch as of yesterday morning will notice a number of changes – a personal banker will greet them at the door to explain the new ticketing system, a new collection point and seats installed inside the branch for their convenience while they wait to be served.

The ticketing system is being implemented to guide customers to one of four established service counters so as to better manage the flow of customers in the banking hall and ultimately speed up their banking transaction time.

Customers are guided to one of the following counters depending on their transaction of the day - a local currency counter, foreign currency counter, collection point for collection of cards or depositing of cheques only, and to personal bankers for all other personal account transactions.
Customers who may be in a hurry will have the option of taking their ticket and coming back later to complete their transaction.

Barclays Bank Seychelles managing director Rakesh Jha said: “Barclays continues to listen to our customers and act upon their feedback. This is a fine example of how we seek to find creative ways to continuously improve the customer’s experience, while taking our service to great new heights.”

Mandeep Chaudhary, retail director, added: “The new queue management system is an enhanced service that is aimed at easing the long queues, particularly at month end, while providing customers with more comfortable and conducive surroundings in which to carry out their transactions.”

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