Intel and Seychelles team up to support primary schools


Teachers following a training session

Since the inception in 2010 of the Sheikh Khalifa Project for Seychelles primary schools, there have been a few issues of connectivity and software upgrades that have prevented the programme from being fully functional.  

Through the joint efforts of the Ministry of Education and the University of Seychelles, it has been possible to connect with the Intel Education Service Corps who have agreed to provide their technical support. 

The objectives of the team are firstly to troubleshoot the Intel powered classmate PCs to ensure they are operational and install the latest version of Classroom Management Software by MythWare and secondly, train at least two teachers from each primary school on the MythWare teaching software and other useful software to create lesson plans.

The team arrived in Seychelles on Sunday last week and have already visited 21 of the 23 primary schools on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue and configured more than 900 of the 1500 CMPCs located in these schools. 

The Intel team were accompanied by technicians from the IT Services Unit of the Ministry of Education and the University of Seychelles, who have also been trained and are assisting with the maintenance support. 

At least two teachers from each primary school have been trained on maintenance programs, troubleshooting and best practices to help their school sustain the programme.

The same teachers will be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and completing the upgrades at their respective schools.

During their visit, the team also met with the head teacher of each primary school and explained the maintenance procedures necessary for the upkeep of the equipment.

Linda Kenworthy, the team leader of the Intel Education Service Corps, said “We are honoured to be working with the Ministry of Education and the University of Seychelles - their teams are committed to supporting the schools and teachers and ensure they have what they need to make this programme successful.  The Seychelles primary school teachers are very engaged and want to improve their skills to become agents of change for 21st century schools and learning - their active participation in the classroom and during our visits to their computer rooms demonstrates their commitment.”

Each primary school also designated either one or two teachers to be trained as teacher trainers.  The training sessions started on Monday this week at the Anse Royale campus of the University of Seychelles. 

During the different sessions the teachers will be trained on how to incorporate their lesson plans into the classroom management software on the teacher’s laptop and share them with the student’s CMPCs in their classrooms. 

They will also learn how to use different software to prepare lessons and teach these to a group of students, so they can assess and provide support to each other.

The trained teachers will be responsible to lead the training sessions and ensure that the programme is fully implemented at their respective schools - part of a “train the trainer” model. 
On Friday the teachers who have taken part in the training sessions will be presented with certificate during a ceremony at the School of Education, Mont Fleuri.

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