Seychelles contributes to African report on capacity development


Launching the workshop, Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam described the report as a tool that “African leaders have given themselves to promote better governance on the African continent”.

The report, which feeds into the African Union’s New Economic Partnership for African Development (Nepad) as part of its Capacity Development Strategic Framework (CDSF), had to be done on a sector specific to Seychelles.

Tourism was the sector in focus, and the report was presented to key stakeholders of the sector for review.

“Seychelles is pleased to have been given the opportunity to contribute to this continental report which has capacity development at the core of its agenda…

“Our focus on the tourism sector in the Seychelles report has no doubt been a wise choice in having an overview on the situation of capacity development in the field of tourism. Highlighting the challenges and opportunities for improvements in this sector will provide meaningful insight into the economy as a whole,” said Minister Adam.

The report, which was completed by Dr Marie-Thérèse Purvis – a consultant commissioned by Nepad – has been concluded with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The launch of the validation workshop, held at the International Conference Centre, in fact coincided with the return of the two Seychellois hostages who had been held captive by Somali pirates for just over a year.

Minister Adam said piracy being one of the greatest threats to nation building for Seychelles, remains a constant concern.

“We are better prepared against piracy than ever before – our patrols are wider and more effective, we have mobilised vessel protection detachments for local vessels that need them, we have shown that pirates can be successfully prosecuted, we have started tracking the financiers of piracy and we have increased our partnerships to tackle the scourge at the regional and global level.

“But we know, that even if the number of piracy attacks is on the wane, we cannot afford any form of complacency,” the minister said. 

Following the one-day validation workshop, the Seychelles report will be fed into a larger continental report due to be published next year.

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