Teachers ready to share newly acquired technological skills


Those who took part in the training in a souvenir photograph with guests after they had been presented with their certificate

The certificate presentation ceremony took place on Friday at the School of Education in the presence of principal secretary for education Merida Delcy, officials from the Ministry of Education and head teachers.

During the past two weeks, a team of trainers and technicians from the Intel Education Service Corps equipped the teachers with new skills and knowledge.

The course was held at the University of Seychelles and has been possible thanks to the donation of 1,840 classmate PCs and 62 teacher laptops from Sheikh Khalifa of the United Arab Emirates.

Addressing those present, Mrs Delcy said it is important that students’ technological skills are developed to meet the challenges of the 21st century, to help respond and adapt to future changes.

We also want our teachers to succeed in making meaningful use of information and communications technology in their daily teaching, she added.

“Teachers need the support of their schools and management so that they can effectively put into practice the skills they have gained,” she said.

The teachers now have the necessary skills to ensure that other teachers in their schools are also trained to use the equipment.

The team from Intel has also given educational resources relating to the course content to all primary schools.

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