Visiting urologist to run special clinic


Dr Raja will be here on a five-day mission – from today, Monday November 12 to Friday November 16 – and all surgeries will be done at the Seychelles Hospital surgical ward.

Arterio-venous fistula is an artificial communication between the vein and the artery of patients with kidney failure who need to undergo haemodialysis.

It is necessary for these patients to allow the necessary exchanges and filtration of the blood to take place.

This special clinic is being organised by JJ India in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Dr Raja will be helped during surgery by the Ministry of Health’s own surgical team.

Although his main mission here is to do the arterio-venous fistula surgery, Dr Raja will be happy to do consultations for patients with urological problems as well. But this will depend on how much free time he has.

A non-governmental organisation based in Seychelles, JJ India has been active in the country since its inception last year and has organised total knee replacement and spine clinics at the Seychelles Hospital with the active collaboration of the Ministry of Health.

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