Partners to drive diabetes message home on foot


To commemorate World Diabetes Day 2012 the partners will at 5.20pm take part in a short march starting from the English River health centre and the Seychelles Hospital and meet at the Stad Popiler car park where local artists like Joseph Sinon, Reuben and Ion Kid will animate the event, amid short speeches and the lighting of a blue circle which symbolises the international logo for diabetes.

“The circle stands for life and health while the colour blue reflects the sky that unites all nations,” said the organisers.

Amputation is the worst case scenario for many diabetes complications.

 When present in the body over many years, diabetes can give rise to all sorts of complications including heart and kidney diseases as well as eye and nerve problems, the last of these being the cause for legs being cut
“If left untreated, some of these complications can become extremely damaging to the body,” said the crusaders.

In most parts of the world, children will today lead fight against diabetes by stepping up education efforts.

Here the Ministry of Health will organise talks to promote healthy lifestyles.

Those taking part will also be advised on foot care while health centres will advise sufferers on the need for physiotherapy and other methods of management.

The organisers also plan to feature diabetes patients’ testimonies on radio this month.

The activities are being financed by the ministry, the World Health Organisation and the Diabetes Society of Seychelles.

For more information on the activities being organised, those interested have been asked to contact health promotion officer Marie-Antoinette Didon at the diabetes clinic on telephone numbers 438356/438067.

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