SCAA switches to new flight plan format


The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) said this in a press release and added that the switch happened at 4am local time.

A flight plan is specified information provided to air traffic services units, relative to an intended flight or portion of a flight of an aircraft.

 This information is inputted on a form already pre-defined by the ICAO.

The nature and scope of the amendment is to update the ICAO model flight plan form in order to meet the needs of aircraft with advanced capabilities and the evolving requirements of automated air traffic management (ATM) systems, while taking into account compatibility with existing systems, human factors, training, costs and transition aspects.

Seychelles, a core member of the flight plan 2012 task force for the Africa Indian Ocean region, contributed immensely for states of this region to implement it in a timely and harmonised manner.
A flight plan transition (FPLT) task force meeting of the African and Indian Ocean region was held in Seychelles in February this year to address pertaining implementation issues.

The SCAA had to further upgrade its Flight Data Processing system (FDPS) in order to comply with the requirement of the new flight plan format.
The upgrade done at the Seychelles International Airport amounted to a sum of R16 million.

“The SCAA worked hard to reach the deadline set, and made significant contributions towards its implementation.

 It is with pride that we (have joined) the rest of the world for the switch over, so rest assured with the SCAA the travelling public is in safe hands,” said Esmée Samson, general manager for air traffic services.

Not all states have managed the November 15 deadline, but they are working towards applying it in the near future.

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