Global events deter UN chief’s visit here


“The trip will not be possible in this instance due to unforeseen circumstances,” he told the local media, agreeing with suggestions that the volatile situation in the Middle East – which got worse on Thursday –may have been a major contributor to the cancellation.

Mr Adam’s ministry said the decision to cancel the visit was communicated to Seychelles’ permanent representative to the United Nations, ambassador Marie-Louise Potter, late on Thursday night, adding Mr Ban thanked Seychelles for all the arrangements that had been made to prepare the visit, and that he regretted the cancellation had to be made at the last moment.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would also like to express its thanks to all those involved in the preparation of the visit,” said the ministry in a statement, adding, “the Seychelles Government has also reiterated its invitation to the secretary-general to visit at a more convenient time”.

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