Electoral Reform Forum meeting-Party political broadcast focus of discussion


In a communiqué sent to the local media, the Office of the Electoral Commission said that the discussions were about a series of proposed recommendations by its office as part of the exercise to review the Elections Act.

Members of the Electoral Reform Forum discussed and debated on the referendum, broadcasting and free broadcast time and offences and penalties.

On the issue of referendum, the Office of the Electoral Commission stated that it is satisfied with the major provisions in the Elections Act relating to the holding of a referendum.
With regard to political broadcast, most members agreed on the proposal to have equal broadcasting time allocated to each registered political party as well as candidates.

During by-elections, it was proposed by some members that more airtime be given to candidates but all members agreed that through the entire process there should be fairness and equality.

Among the recommendations made, the Office of the Electoral Commission proposed to reduce the 200-metre radius for placard, billboards, posters on Election Day to 100 metres.

To that, some members had no major objections while others were concerned about houses which fall within the 100-metre radius to the polling stations in relation to enforcing such regulation. The Electoral Commission will consider the matter further.

There was a set of recommendations relating to the suggestions and proposals made by the Seychelles Media Commission. On one of the issues, there was a consensus on the need to have a linkage between the Office of the Electoral Commission and the Seychelles Media Commission on the issue of media and elections.

The Electoral Reform Forum will continue its deliberation on the Elections Act on Wednesday November 21 from 9am to 1pm at the National House.

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