Policeman detained over armed robbery-• NDEA denies drugs missing rumour


Police commissioner Ernest Quatre said the former officer was arrested soon after the incident following reports from members of the public whom Mr Quatre commended for helping the police with information.

Also detained was another man who was also arrested in connection with the same incident during which the robbers used a knife and injured somebody, but a third suspect was still at large.

“As soon as we learned about the incident we launched a massive manhunt involving all units of the police,” said Mr Quatre, who said the former officer has been remanded until December 3 when he will be formally charged.

The former officer – whom Nation learned is also a well-educated singer who previously served as a teacher – had already been suspended from work over a disciplinary matter, and did not pose as a policeman during the robbery. He had served the police for 20 years but his contract has now been terminated.

Mr Quatre said he was shocked and saddened by the incident but said members of the public should not be discouraged or falter in their confidence or support for the force given the many other police officers who are committed to serve well just because of one rogue former member.

He said the police are doing a remarkable job to fight crime and any arrant officer will be dealt with severely, stressing on the need to keep the good image of the police force.

Meanwhile deputy chief officer of the National Drug Enforcement Agency Liam Quinn yesterday confirmed to Nation that the 400 grammes of heroin brought in a book on a flight from Ethiopia – due to be used as evidence – have not disappeared, contrary to rumours doing their rounds in Victoria yesterday.

Supreme Court officials told us their records show that the suspects in the trafficking case are still on remand and are due to appear in court on December 3.
Rumour had it that the suspects had been released on bail, “and now that the exhibit is missing they are due to be released for lack of evidence”.

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