Tennis: Vijay Junior Tour-Venkat, Capet, Laporte take first leg wins


Thanks to sponsor Vijay Patel, the championship has become a success and 48 players tried their best to score points in three categories – under-8, under-12 and under-18.
The championship will end in May 2013.

In the under-8 category, Sreysht Venkat is starting to show his talents and won this leg after beating Ramani twins Aneesh and Rithvik in the semifinal and final.

Along with Duncan Accouche, these four players seem to be great pretenders for the title.
Two girls – Arielle Horpinitch and Gaia Greyson – also play in this category and they finished fifth and sixth.

Giovanni Capet won the under-12 leg under heavy rain. In the final, Capet beat Christian Payet who was making his second final appearance in a row in this category.

Dawn Rene did well and finished fifth and the first girl in this competition. Competition is tight in the under-12 division and many players are fighting for a place in the master.

In the under-18 class, Damien Laporte has started really well with a big win against Titouan Roquain in the semifinal on a 2-0 (4-2, 4-0) score before beating Yannick Bargain 2-0 (4-0, 4-0).
With 500 points, Damien is first in this category.
Female player Eugenie Zanarini finished sixth – a great improvement since taking part in the Kia Motors event in September.

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