Indian naval ship on surveillance mission


The INS Brahmaputra

The expedition will go on until December 6, 2012. During the deployment, the ship will be visiting Port Victoria and will be carrying out extensive training for the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces, Seychelles Coast Guard personnel on counter-piracy and boarding operations, damage control and firefighting, vessel protection duties and first aid.

In addition, the ship crew will also provide technical help to the Seychelles Coast Guard.

The visit is part of a routine operational deployment to Seychelles undertaken by the Indian navy periodically.

The ship will carry out extensive EEZ surveillance in the designated areas of Seychelles with Seychelles Coast Guard and Seychelles People’s Defence Forces personnel onboard.

During the EEZ surveillance, the Seychelles Coast Guard and Seychelles People’s Defence Forces personnel will be trained in navigation, seamanship and various counter piracy operations.

INS Brahmaputra is part of the western fleet of the Indian navy and is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and sensors. The ship has a complement of marine commandoes as well as an integral helicopter to assist in the counter-piracy operations.

The government of Seychelles has also requested the government of India to help the Seychelles Coast Guard for certain stores essential for maintenance and upkeep of its ships.

INS Brahmaputra will be undertaking transfer of these stores to the Seychelles Coast Guard during the port visit.

The ship is presently being commanded by captain Ajay Kumar Agarwal, and the ships complement includes 45 officers and 300 sailors.

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