Large crowd mourns the late Jacqueline Pierre


The late Jacqueline PierreShe passed away Tuesday night at the age of 57, after suffering a stroke some days earlier.

The crowd was so big that it filled the cathedral and many mourners were left standing outside.

The funeral service was conducted by Rev. Colin Underwood, who like several other friends and relatives, paid tribute to Jacqueline’s distinguished career in the civil service, characterised by a constant caring for others.

It was recalled how she started at the bottom in 1979 at the National Provident Fund, which became the Social Security Fund and more recently, the Agency for Social Protection, of which she was the chief executive.

They also saluted her as an exemplary mother, grandmother and family member.
Among the hundreds of mourners were several ministers, principal secretaries and heads of government departments and agencies.

It is also fairly obvious that the Pierre, Maillet and other families bereaved by this great loss, are fairly big and were all present to mourn Jacqueline.

The funeral service of the late Jacqueline Pierre was attended by a large crowd of mourners

In the immediate family circle, Jacqueline leaves behind a partner of many years Jimmy Maillet, a daughter Alison and a two-year-old grand-daughter Louisa.

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