Tourism partners rally behind local airline’s Hong Kong flight launch


One of the workshop session with Hong Kong tour operatorsSTB chief executive Elsia Grandcourt, senior marketing executive Stephanie Lablache and China office representative Jean Luc Lai Lam, together with the local trade partners, namely Select Seychelles, Creole Travel Services, 7° South, Mason’s Travel, Raffles Praslin, Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort & Spa and Seychelles Connect, teamed up with Air Seychelles at a workshop ahead of the flight launch.

The workshop on November 20 took place in two separate sessions with the first being with major outbound tour operators of Hong Kong.

This workshop was done in tandem with the STB, local trade partners and the airline to boost much-needed awareness of the Seychelles destination on the Hong Kong market. 

Hong Kong tour operators were very receptive to the news of the launch of the flight.  Most of the tour operators are looking for new destinations such as Seychelles.

The timing of the launch comes at an opportune moment as it will coincide with the Chinese New Year spring festival and the third Carnaval International de Victoria.

All partners present were much satisfied with the response and enthusiasm displayed by the Hong Kong tour operators.

This new flight will also allow for the other Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea as well as the southern mainland China to benefit from the service being offered to Seychelles. 

The Chinese arrival figures to Seychelles have shown a positive growth of 114% year to date and with the introduction of this new service this will help further consolidate the growth rate of Chinese visitors to our country.

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