Major revamp of multi-use area for Bel Ombre fishers


The delegation at the site where the project will be carried out

Bel Ombre fishermen and other residents will be asked to clear the site, with the support of non-governmental organisations notably Sustainability for Seychelles, the Bel Ombre Fishermen’s Association and sponsor Eden Island.

Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Paul Adam, who is responsible for the Bel Ombre constituency, member of National Assembly Galen Bresson, district administrator Pharisienne Lucas, joined representatives of Eden Island and Vijay Construction last week to view the site and discuss the project.

Mr Adam said a focal point of the project will be the shade that fishermen had long been calling for.  He noted that presently, fish is off-loaded, and ice, salt and other supplies are loaded at the slipway in the sun or rain.

He said the project is a good example of cooperation between residents, the district administration and local business in community projects.

Besides a pre-fabricated roof made of timber and CIS sheeting by Vijay, the project will also include a new fish offload which shall be of international standard and a weighing station, both built of thick concrete.

Bel Ombre Fishermen’s Association chairman Peter Tirant said this will ease the work of fishermen going or returning from a fishing expedition.

He noted that Bel Ombre is the district with the highest fishermen population in Seychelles.

Mr Bresson said the village can be called the “fishing capital of Seychelles” and the project will hopefully be completed in time for the fishing competition set for December 2. 

He called on as many residents as possible to turn up and clear the area for Eden Island and Vijay Construction to start the building.

Sustainability for Seychelles secretary Michelle Martin said the roof of the new shelter will have solar panels to supply electricity to fishermen wishing to carry out minor repairs at the slipway.

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