Deepam S Supermarket offers late-night shopping


Well-stocked shelves at the Deepam S Supermarket

“The supermarket is doing good and the customers are satisfied with the products on sale,” said Mr Subash.

One can buy almost everything -- from bread to biscuits, soaps, washing powder, oil, rice, cornflakes and even thermos flasks -- in the Deepam S Supermarket.

Alcohol is not on sale in the supermarket for now and Mr Subash said he will see if there is a demand to sell it, but in sealed bottles only.

The supermarket opens at 9am and closes after the last film show of the day and compared to other supermarkets linked to cinemas in the world, the price of goods on sale in Deepam S Supermarket is the same like everywhere in the country.

“We are not doing like other supermarkets that are linked to cinemas in the world that sell their goods at a higher price. We have kept our prices at the same rates as in other shops that close much earlier. Also the late shutdown is very convenient because everyone who comes to watch a late night movie can now buy their products. Other people who miss something at home can also rush to the supermarket to do their shopping,” noted Mr Subash.

A film and cinema buff, Mr Subash said that retailing is not really his business, but he does it to earn some additional revenue.

“I’m not someone who likes to sit behind a till and count money every day. This is really not me. I only started the retail business as there was a demand for it. My brother runs the supermarket,” added Mr Subash.

Mr Subash also owns three cinemas – Deepam’s Cinema in Victoria, Deepam Docklands at Docklands New Port, Deepam Pradiso in Praslin, a Gaming Room in the La Salle d’Oeuvres, an internet cafe business called Skynet at Beau Vallon, a supermarket called SPR Supply at Anse Royale, and a supermarket – Au Bon Valer – at Beau Vallon.

The Gaming Room, another of Mr Subash’s businesses

The Gaming Room is very popular with school children and adults and is open from 9am to 6pm.
With nine stations, a 30-minute session costs R25, while an hour-long session costs R40.


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