Itec day celebrates close Indo-Seychelles bond-• New members re-launch alumni association


Mr Darlong addressing the gathering at the ceremony

The event took place at the India House, Au Cap, where among the guests of honour were the Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam, Minister for Natural Resources and Industry Peter Sinon and Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon. Also present were certain members of the National Assembly.

The Itec programme – launched in 1964 – is committed to human resource development and capacity-building in Seychelles, and to date, there is continued interaction between India and Seychelles in indentifying new areas of human resource and infrastructural development.

To date, about 600 Seychellois professionals have benefited from the Itec programme, and today form part of the human resource of Seychelles.

Addressing the guests for the occasion, Indian high commissioner Thanglura Darlong said India has played a major role in the human resource development and capacity-building of Africa post-colonisation.

“Tele-medicine and tele-education facilities under the Pan African Satellite project – one of the most ambitious projects in which India has the privilege to be associated with, commissioned in February 2009 – has linked the Victoria hospital with prestigious hospitals in India,” he said.

“The setting up of ICT Centre in Seychelles at a cost of US $1 million with help from the government of India is another milestone in the Indo-Seychelles bilateral cooperation. I am sure the people of Seychelles will derive the benefits of tele-medicine, tele-education, and the ICT centre,” he said.

“In the field of defence training, India offers courses to cover the entire spectrum of training requirements of the defence forces. The training is of both tactical and technical nature, and is also structured to meet the specific requirements of the rank, service and proficiency levels of the trainees. The Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF) is a major beneficiary of the extensive training opportunities under the Itec programme.”

He added that a number of Indian experts are serving the government of Seychelles in various capacities, including as maritime security advisor, military advisor, and forensic expert.

Mr Darlong went on to say that further proof of the good bilateral relations is the visit of former Indian President Pratibha Devisingh Patil to Seychelles a few months ago, where many issues of mutual interests were discussed and agreed on.

“One of the highlights was a new financial package of US $75 million – both grant and line of credit – India agreed to provide to Seychelles, which I am sure would be useful for further development and progress of the country,” he said.

One of the other highlights of the event was the re-launch of an alumni association – first formed 10 years ago – and made up of past members of the Itec programme. The alumni bring together those who have benefited under the programme, and its chairperson is Chantal Ghislain, who is the elected member for La Digue and the inner islands in the National Assembly.

With Minister Adam as the association’s patron, Ms Ghislain introduced her team made up of Colonel Clifford Roseline from the SPDF as vice-chairman, Roland Marengo as secretary, and ordinary members Colonel Michael Rosette and Beryl Nagapeng.

Ms Ghislain said the aim of the association is to bring together past students so that they can share their experiences and promote the programme among other Seychellois by organising various activities.

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