Raising motivation and aspiration in students


Mrs Francourt (standing) talking to the students and their parents in the presence of Minister Mondon, PS Delcy and NCC officials

Each year, the NCC works more closely with one school and Mont Fleuri secondary school has chosen for 2013 project.

The project, led by Patricia Francourt, an educational and skills development consultant from the United Kingdom, enables pupils to see their experiences from different perspectives and is based on a model from cognitive behaviour therapy and positive psychology – therapies used by the NCC in individual client settings.

Mrs Francourt has worked on similar projects in UK schools and these schools have recorded high success records. Students from Mont Fleuri have been selected based on their achievement records and it is hoped that by the end of the project, they will have been coached to:

a) Take responsibility and reach their full potential,
b)  Be motivated to maintain a positive outlook in the school environment,
c) Have acquired enhanced knowledge on strategies and techniques to reduce psychological barriers both at home and school.

NLP explores the mind-body links, focusing on the belief system and how this impacts on feelings, performance, behavior, perceptions and outcomes.

The programme will run over an initial period of six weeks starting in January 2013 after which an evaluation will be conducted before proceeding to the second half of the project.

The programme’s success depends on engagement and commitment and all teaching and non-teaching staff. They have also been educated about the project so that there is ownership, support and pride in being the first ones to trial this initiative, which would then be rolled over to other schools.

Education Minister Macsuzy Mondon and principal secretary Merida Delcy were present at the first session and this is very encouraging to staff, students and parents as it conveys the message that the project is being supported by the top echelon of the ministry.

We will be following the NLP pilot closely and wish it all the success it deserves in empowering pupils to take responsibility and manage outcomes in their daily lives.

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