Ministry urges respectful use of Bel Ombre jetty area


The Ministry of Land Use and Housing has responded by urging those who cause disturbance – usually groups rallying, especially before or after nearby nightclubs are in operation – to voluntarily desist from such behaviour as playing loud music, failure to which the MLUH will have no option but to seclude the area and have it guarded, as a last resort.

“Loud music is played sometimes till daybreak, which disturbs those living nearby,” said the ministry in a statement yesterday, noting the jetty is also used by the fishing community of Bel Ombre but the abusers often leave large amounts of rubbish “which has been known to even injure users especially fishermen, who are well known for being early risers”.

Other inhabitants of Bel Ombre use this area to a great extent especially for leisure activities such as fishing and they include families and young children.

“The ministry and local authorities are duty-bound to safeguard the rights of persons who use this reclaimed land for their livelihood and cannot tolerate abuse which causes hindrance to their economic activities,” said an MLUH spokesperson.

“The authorities also have a duty to ensure nearby residents can enjoy a peaceful and dignified environment by allowing only compatible use of the reclaimed area.

“From the social side, illicit and immoral activities in this space are also not acceptable.”
The MLUH is appealing to members of the public to exhibit restraint and respect for other users and residents so that this area can continue to serve all.

“If the education approach does not work, the government will have no option but to close off the area and restrict its access to those who are permitted only. This is actually being considered as the very last option; what the ministry desires as a solution to this is for users to be conscious of the rights of others to firstly enjoy peace and quiet and the use of a clean and safe public area.”

“Therefore if the public wish to continue using this area then they should as of now firstly use it in a responsible manner being mindful of the rights of others; to be mindful of those who need peace and quiet and the chance to have a good night’s sleep, secondly to show some degree of respect to the area; to collect their rubbish and place it in a bin.”

The reclaimed land is earmarked for development, for example businesses related to tourism including one that will encourage exploration for the treasure believed to have been hidden there many years ago.

The private sector-led initiatives will also include commercial entities, while a “green area” will also be developed, the ministry told Nation.

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