Ministerial team meets Savoy reps over workers’ unrest


Eastern European Engineering Ltd is the company responsible for the Savoy project at Beau Vallon.

The Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development made an investigation into the unrest and it came to light that the main issue of the workers’ grievance was that some of them – 24 out of a total of 150 workers – had not received their salary in their bank accounts in India.

Documentary evidence received from the employer confirmed that the salary transfer was delayed.

During the meeting late yesterday afternoon, Minister Alexander discussed the matter with the company’s director who has given his word that the process will be done differently from now on.
The director provided evidence that the 24 workers have as of today received their salary in their bank accounts and that the November salary will be paid to all the workers in cash today.

He also confirmed that as of December the workers’ salary will be transferred through the Bank of Baroda – an Indian bank – which should make the process go faster.

Minister Alexander touched on the necessity for all employers doing business in Seychelles to operate responsibly and act within the ambit of the law.

The company has been issued with a notice to effect payment of salary of their workers in accordance with provisions of the law, failing of which legal action will be instituted.
The ministry will be monitoring the situation closely.

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