Torti win touch rugby tourney


Members of the Torti and Cocofes teams

In the exciting and close final, Torti defeated Cocofes by two tries to one, after initially going behind in the first half.

Six teams – Torti, Cocofes, Seyboys, Maki, Rakay and LC – took part in the tournament played on a round-robin basis with the top two teams progressing to the final. All matches were played over two halves of seven minutes each, except for the finals which last 20 minutes – 10 minutes each half.

After all teams had played five matches apiece in the league stage, the top two teams were Torti and Cocofes. The majority of players from the two teams were South African expatriates. Boasting a female player in their team Torti were undefeated in all their five matches, while Cocofes had three wins, a draw and a loss.

The Seychelles Rugby Association wishes to thank Eden Island for the sponsorship and all parties who have supported them in making this day into a fun day for all who took part. It is hoped that this will continue next year.

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