Subios 2013 set for November 22-24


The poster advertising next year’s SubiosThe theme was announced during the closing ceremony for this year’s event last Sunday, following three days of fun and educational oriented activities which took place at the popular Beau Vallon beachfront.

This year’s edition of Subios was held from November 23 to 25 under the theme “People and the ocean – striving for a Sustainable Partnership”.

The event kicked off with the prize giving ceremony of the Subios Art and Creative Writing Competition, which has over the years promoted conservation and awareness of the marine environment among school children through art and creative writing.   

The prize giving ceremony started with the Minister for Education, Macsuzy Mondon, launching an exhibition displaying the works which have won prizes in the competition.

Prizes were then awarded to all the winners, from primary to post secondary institutions.

Independent primary and Beau Vallon secondary schools were voted the best schools to celebrate and capture the essence of the underwater festival.

The 2012 Subios was officially opened later that same evening by the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St Ange, along with the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) chief executive Elsia Grandcourt in an open-air ceremony at the Beau Vallon beachfront.

Part of the opening ceremony included a spectacular cabaret show by local group Zez, as well as a music extravaganza by one of the local DJs.

The opening ceremony also included the screening of the Subios DVD.
Saturday was a day dedicated to children, with a wide range of fun activities on the programme.
Other activities for the day were the Subios Man & Woman triathlon and the Subios Virtual Treasure Hunt Competition, followed by the prize giving ceremony.

The last day was another day of fun for all to enjoy, with more music from the DJ until the event was officially closed at 6pm by Minister St Ange, accompanied by Mrs Grandcourt.

In his closing address, Minister St Ange took the opportunity to thank Mrs Grandcourt and her team for their hard work, and everyone who had taken part in Subios 2012.

“We have listened to members of the public sharing their ideas on how they would like to see Subios 2013, and we will take all your suggestions on board and put in place a committee to oversee next year’s event, because we want to see Subios continue and grow as an annual event.

This is why it is important to take everything that I have heard on board,” said Minister St Ange. 

Minister St.Ange also thanked members of the public and all kiosk holders for their support and efforts they have made to ensure the success of the event.

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