Bel Ombre fishermen get new shelter at fishing quay


Work in progress to put up the shelter at the Bel Ombre fishing quay

The situation was that those who come in with their catch would often see their fish deteriorate from the sun’s heat, and sometimes would even suffer from the rain, which would melt their ice, and wash it away.

The community came together recently to plan a project to have a shelter built at the quay and work started in earnest on Saturday, with people from all walks of the community – from the fishermen to member of the National Assembly to minister – coming together.

Work started early morning, and by the time the Seychelles Nation crew got to the scene, the shelter’s structure was already in place.

One of the key partners in the project, Eden Island Company Ltd, had many of its workers and also some from Vijay Construction company, helping as volunteers, and chief executive Craig Heeger told Seychelles Nation the work would be completed at the end of the day.

“This project is for the community, and the community has come forward to take ownership of it.
We agreed to get together and give a helping hand, and we had a good response with everyone coming and giving their time and expertise, free of charge to build this shelter,” he said.

Eden Island has covered the cost of all the materials, which Mr Heeger said was about US $25,000.
Bel Ombre member of the National Assembly Galen Bresson said fishermen from Bel Ombre contribute about 40% of the total local fish consumed here, and that such a facility will greatly benefit them.

The chairman of the fishermen’s association Peter Tirant said they will take further ownership of the shelter and ensure there is no vandalism and that the facility is well taken care of.

With the first phase of the project – the shelter – already in place, Mr Heeger said the second phase would be the construction of a facility for children with jungle gyms and other play areas, all shaded, and also have a place to have meetings and have a barbecue should they wish to.

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