Young leaders bring comfort to Foyer de Nazareth residents


SYLP second cohort members and Foyer de Nazareth residents planting vegetables

After cleaning the compound and cutting grass, the guests planted vegetables and fruit trees in the foyer’s garden in a bid to help make it more food secure.

The plants were given to the organisers by the Seychelles Agricultural Agency.
While a group was busy preparing a barbecue for lunch, the rest of the group joined the boys in decorating a Christmas tree with red, gold and silver decorations.

After a sumptuous lunch, the boys listened to a talk before receiving presents form their guests.

Nine-year-old Salim Edmond did not hesitate to bring out some CDs and sang to the tune of music blaring from the sound system while the other boys played dominoes and table football.

A spokesperson for the second cohort of the SYLP said the activity was organised to keep to the group’s pledge made on graduation day: To better serve and make a positive difference in our community through the skills acquired from the programme.

It was an interesting experience as the guests mingled well with the boys and their guardians. The group has plans to organise in the near future other activities for these 14 boys, aged four to 17 years.

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