Lafarge invests in bigger cement pipeline to boost supply


Lafarge (Seychelles) managing director Jean-Baptiste and LMB general manager Edelio Bermejo at the official commissioning of the pipes in October

General manager Farouk Jean-Baptiste told Seychelles Nation it took his company almost three months to complete the project to replace the old pipeline which had been in use for 40 years.
The whole project has cost R6 million and Mr Jean-Baptiste is confident of its positive outcome for Seychelles.

“Lafarge believes in Seychelles’ economic ability and thus is why it has opted to invest R6 million in such a project amid difficult times locally and internationally,” said Mr Jean-Baptiste.

“The modern valve systems will allow for a faster flow of cement from modern vessels that visit our port. This is probably the biggest investment made by a local company at this unstable time.

Lafarge did not think twice before injecting this huge sum into the project as it has been serving the country for 40 years and will continue to do so for many years to come,” added Mr Jean-Baptiste.

The project began in April and ended in July 2012 with a very tight deadline as it had to be done between a vessel offloading and loading which was a turnaround time of six weeks during the last phase. This was successfully done by Seychellois contractors with no delays and thus no outage situation in the country.

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