Fishing article draws mixed reactions


While some welcomed the light-hearted reporting, the team noted that their name is Flick it, and not Flip it as we wrote by error.

While some people who took part in the competition said they did not mind likening the pursuit of fish for another goal in the Bible with the bid for a trophy in sports, others said they were not happy because they are not all Christians.

“In our beautiful islands people from different religious beliefs have always lived in harmony.

Until now Christians from different denominations have been the majority. There will always be references from the Bible to illustrate scenarios at the same respecting other faiths,” wrote a team member, disagreeing with the views of a fellow fisher.

Another team member said Flick it was only formed in April 2012 and has won a number of awards so it was incorrect to say the team has been fishing without winning for years.

In his letter, Terence Lafortune said he is the skipper of Wave Breaker, the boat used in the competition and that the vessel belongs to his company Sunexcavations, and some of the other fishers were “guests on the boat and that he enjoyed their company”.

As one of those who wrote to us said, “Seychelles Nation was only helping to promote sports fishing in the country” and although he said no apology was merited, we regret the errors but also urge people taking part in such sports to contact us in advance of such events so that we can collect the information first hand for the sake of accuracy.

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