Ten projects worth R450,000 for early childhood care and education


Mr Benstrong giving an overview of the 10 projects approved to date

The recipients were present at a short ceremony at the Count and Read day Care at English River yesterday morning.

 This took place in the presence of the principal secretaries in the Vice-President’s Office and for Education, respectively Jeanne Simeon and Merida Delcy, members of the trust fund and teachers from the benefitting schools and crèches.

Most members of the trust fund are from the teaching and medical professions as well as from the National Council for Children (NCC).

A small performance during Wednesday’s ceremony at the Count and Read day care

After welcoming words from trust fund member Shirley Choppy and Denzel Bristol, a pupil from Count and Read day care, NECCE chairperson Lambert Woodcock urged businesses to donate to the fund, noting that all sponsors can benefit from tax concessions.

He said that to date the fund has committed a total of R449,912.72 towards projects targeting early childhood group of children. A large part of that money has already been disbursed as the first tranche of the grant.

The second tranche will be disbursed during the coming weeks following assessment and satisfactory results.
Towards the end of the ceremony, a new sponsor – Alberic Benoiton of Benoiton Construction based at English River – presented Mr Woodcock with a cheque for an undisclosed amount.

Two other sponsors were also present.

The vice-chairperson of the trust fund Michael Benstrong said beneficiaries, mostly government schools and private day care operators, are expected to contribute at least 25% of the projects’ total cost.

 He also gave an overview of the 10 projects approved to date.
• R15,820 have been given to the Ministry of Health’s speech pathology and occupational therapy for the purchase of books, toys and other resources required to stimulate language skills and other educational pursuits

• Anse Boileau primary has received R34,921 to manufacture certain items for the school’s playground, to create an environment ideal for learning and growth of the students.

• R100,000 have been given to the Anse Etoile school to upgrade the crèche recreational area.

 This will enhance the recreational grounds of the school in such a manner, with the fitting of swings, seesaws and double-panel spring riders. These toys are expected to increase the interaction between the students and also improve their motor skills.

•  ‘Small Talk Child Care Centre’ has received R47,000 to increase the variety of toys made available to children.

• R9,635 have gone to Les Li Viv, an organisation which provides care for the children of young mothers during the day while they undergo training. The funds will increase resources available for the babies, such as cots and new toys, to allow for better care.

• R100,000 have been given to Count and Read Day Care.

 The new toys which have been purchased will add to those already present at the day care. Furniture purchased will help create an environment which is conducive for children to learn.

• R30,762 have been disbursed to the National Council for the Disabled. The project is aimed at producing wooden toys locally for children in the age group of up to eight years old.

 The toys are to be designed and manufactured by disabled children. Once manufactured, the toys will be sold at an affordable price to the public. The revenue will also allow for them to be independent and increase the production of these locally made toys.

• R66,705 have gone to The Children’s House. The training is to cover all areas of child care, consisting of research assignments and observations. As a result, the quality of teaching by the staff is expected to improve.

• R40,000 will benefit the Beau Vallon crèche where the environment will be improved for the children’s safety. By repairing the toys already there, recreational activities for the students will be enhanced, providing a catalyst for their holistic development.

• R5,069.72 have gone to the Anse Etoile crèche because the school has had to take in additional students from Ile Perseverance.

 The existing toys and educational games belonging to the school are not sufficient for the additional intake.

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