Finance Minister visits Trop-X


Minister Laporte (standing, centre) in a souvenir photo with the Trop-X team at their offices at the Eden Plaza

Minister Laporte was introduced to the Trop-X team, given a tour of the offices and shown the Trop-X automated trading.

The minister said he believes the exchange is an important development in the expansion of financial markets and products within Seychelles and is confident that the exchange will be a key driver for foreign and local direct investment into Seychelles.

Minister Laporte also noted the government’s intention to use the exchange to exit from certain parastatals.

Mr Laporte talked in support of the exchange in his Budget speech 2013 last week, saying that companies listed on the exchange would receive a business tax concession, paying a rate of only 25%. The minister concluded his visit by congratulating the Trop-X team and stressing government’s full support of this private sector venture.

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