University of Seychelles graduation in pictures


This took place at the Anse Royale campus of the very varsity he had to overcome skeptics to establish, in a ceremony that also saw 107 get diplomas and advanced diplomas in education.

Many years from today, historians will refer to this achievement quoting reports in newspapers like this one with words like “The event was so remarkable that Seychelles Nation – which normally carried double-page features only in its weekend version – chose to break that tradition and carried a feature about the feat on a Monday – the 10th day of December in the Year of our Lord 2012”.

Guests were seated in the university’s auditorium by 9.30am and soon started following events on a giant screen before them. The event was transmitted live by the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation, television.

Dressed in their graduation regalia, excited but also visibly nervous graduands made their graceful entry into the auditorium and took their places 10 minutes later, in time to follow the arrival of what the eloquent master of ceremony Amanda Hunt rightly referred to as the Platform party, made up of, and led by the varsity’s mace bearing registrar Michel Denousse, Mr Michel, Unisey pro-chancellor Professor Rolph Payet, vice-chancellor Marina Confait and pro vice-chancellor Lucy Athanasius and the institution’s lecturers.

After the national and varsity anthems were played, school of education lecturer Doris Bick led the gathering in reflection before Mrs Confait delivered her address and constituted the historic graduation ceremony.

History is hereby recorded that Danielle Denis and Ruth Mathararachi from the National Choir at this juncture delivered a well-appreciated song called Flower duet.

Prof Payet gave his address noting President Michel and Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Princess Ann formally inaugurated the university on November 29, 2010 in a dignified occasion which proved beyond any doubt that the world believed in the university dream.

Prof Payet then presented 16 Seychellois with their advanced diplomas in educational leadership followed by the dean of the faculty of sciences Dr Sherley Marie who gave 44 diplomas in secondary education.

Nineteen graduands got their diplomas in primary education from the dean of the faculty of humanities Dr Jaggadishen Chelumbrun and 28 their diplomas in early childhood education from the head of the school of education Alex Souffe, giving way for the National choir to shine by way of a song called Partenza.

Mr Michel then addressed the audience saying in part:
“This special celebration today – the first graduation ceremony in our young University of Seychelles – is a historic occasion in more ways than one. We are here to commemorate the completion of a chapter in the lives of those young graduates and the beginning of a new one; to recognise their many achievements; and to acknowledge the support of their teachers, family and friends. We are also here to acknowledge the enduring strength and vitality of a vision which today bears its first fruits.”

He then presented the graduates with their degrees saying:
“By virtue of the power vested in me as Chancellor of the University of Seychelles, I hereby admit you to the Bachelor’s Degree,” upon which statement the 21 graduates present proudly moved their tassels to the left of their mortarboards signifying their new status as formal graduates, amid loud cheers.

After a photo shoot during which Seychelles Nation photographer Joena Bonnelame took the pictures published here, Mr Denousse led the graduates in making their pledge promising – among other things to be good ambassadors for the university, to work to promote its reputation, respect their lecturers and colleagues and be good examples as they discharge their professional responsibilities.

New graduate Renny Bijoux gave the vote of thanks before Mrs Confait dissolved the ceremony by striking the mace on the floor twice.

After an additional photo shoot outside the auditorium, the graduates triumphantly threw their mortarboards in the air amid cheers and great excitement. It was all over, a major fait accompli in their lives, made possible without having to leave home, because the leader of their time believed the country could have a university delivering degrees of a quality second to none in the world.

The registrar leads the chancellors and lecturers to the ceremony venue  

Making way to the ceremony venue

More members of the platform party heading to the auditorium 

The new degree holders making their pledge

The new diploma holders making their pledge

The new degree holders in a souvenir picture with the university heads

The advanced diploma in educational leadership holders with the university’s founder and top administrators

The 19 diploma in primary education holders with the university’s chancellors

The 28 diploma in early childhood education holders with the university’s leaders

The 44 diploma in secondary education holders in their souvenir picture

The joy of being able to throw your mortarboard in the air in your own motherland 


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