Seven appear in court over ‘drugs’


Mr Adeline said they will be detained to allow police to carry out further investigations.
This follows reports that the National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDEA) using the NDEA’s boat Interceptor on Friday December 7, 2012 arrested seven people 400 miles south of Mahe.

The NDEA said the suspect boat was identified in the waters sailing in a northerly direction towards Mahe when the force’s agents boarded it and overpowered its crew of seven.

“Following a search of the boat a huge consignment of suspected drugs – believed to be cannabis – was uncovered along with a high powered military assault rifle,” said the NDEA then.

The boat was said to have been escorted by the Interceptor to Mahe and arrived on Monday night.

The suspect boat is said to be registered to a local man who has a number of substantial business interests both in Seychelles and overseas.

Defence lawyers said the substance allegedly found on the boat was yet to be analysed.

State counsel David Esparon led the prosecution’s side while Joel Camille, Anthony Juliette, Nichol Gabriel and Alexia Amesbury represented the suspects.

Police used dogs to control a large crowd which had gathered outside the magistrate’s court when the seven were brought by the police.

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