SIM and UniSey team up to boost tertiary learning


Merging of the two institutions will help to build UniSey’s capacity further and take tertiary education and professional training in Seychelles to a higher level.

Based at Majoie and in existence since 1978, the SIM will cease to exist as a body corporate with its own statutes and autonomy to become the School of Business Management within the UniSey.
Yesterday, the National Assembly approved a Bill to repeal the Seychelles Institute of Management (SIM) Act, 2006, in order for the merger to take place. 

The Bill was presented by Education Minister Macsuzy Mondon and the repeal is due to take effect on December 31, 2012.

When presenting the Bill, Minister Mondon said that interaction and harmonisation between the two institutions will push advanced learning to a higher level.
She said that in 2006, the SIM was established as a body corporate under a board appointed by the Minister for Education.

She added that the integration of SIM into UniSey will allow for resources to be used more rationally. For instance, many of SIM staff work part-time and the integration means they can be more fully employed.

Ms Mondon also pointed out that experience acquired by SIM during its 34 years of operation will contribute immensely towards the level of diplomas at the UniSey.

She said that a committee has been set up to work on the transition and SIM staff have been consulted.  “There should be no negative impact on employment of staff and salaries,” she said, adding that all personnel will receive a letter of offer soon.

All SIM staff will also be paid their work benefits prior to taking up new appointment.
The handing over of SIM should take place by December 28.

SIM was established as a management training centre in 1978.  Later its name was changed to Seychelles Institute of Management and it became a body corporate under its own Act in 2006.

The institute offers a wide range of short and long professional training programmes in various fields, including human resource management, accounting and finance, banking and insurance, offshore, information and communication technology (ICT), marketing, journalism, procurement, entrepreneurship, transport and logistics.  It also offers consultancy and research services, as well as tailor-made courses based on the training needs of organisations.

All existing staff of SIM will be redeployed to UniSey under new terms and conditions and the majority will be absorbed by the new School of Business Management in the Faculty of Humanities and Business Management. Programmes currently offered by SIM will be transferred to the new School of Business Management, which will be located at Majoie.

In June 2012, the Minister for Education established a multi-sectoral committee, including representation from SIM and UniSey to ensure that the transition is smooth for both institutions and that the merger is undertaken with due respect to the labour laws of Seychelles.

Among other advantages, the merger of SIM and UniSey will:
• bring significant opportunities for the development and expansion of tertiary professional education locally
• allow for optimal use of resources
• reduce duplication of assets
• provide a clear pathway for graduate and post graduate courses
• serve to build long-term institutional capacity for research and
• enhance the credibility of UniSey through international partnerships.

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