FPAC to produce report after 20 years, says Speaker


The Speaker said this yesterday in his speech to sum up the work of the National Assembly for this year.
The FPAC report represents an important step made by the National Assembly as part of its endeavour to better exercise it constitutional role, hence having greater oversight on government spending, the Speaker said.

He was giving an overview on the performance of the National Assembly and its achievements over the past 12 months. Firstly, he noted that eight new parliamentary committees have been set up to ensure more transparency within the legislature and the executive.

While giving due recognition to the work of committees, the Speaker also praised members for their exemplary and quality of debates which he said were very vibrant and of high standard. 

The Speaker further applauded the high standard of professionalism displayed by the secretariat in its support for the work undertaken by members of the National Assembly. 

In addition, the Speaker noted that there has been a significant improvement in the working relationship shared between the National Assembly and its partners – the executive, the offices of the two leaders in the Assembly, the secretariat and the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).

“It is evident that the two leaders as well as other members share my vision to see a modernised and a more democratic institution and I trust that I can count on your support to bring about those changes which include financial and administrative autonomy of the National Assembly,” said the Speaker.

With regard to the partnership between the executive and the legislative branch, the Speaker said that such relation has now been founded on mutual respect with both having a greater appreciation for the concept of separation of powers.

Finally, the Speaker has thanked SBC for its support and contributions in promoting the work of the National Assembly among the population.

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