It’s Just Me, says Telsy


Telsy’s second solo album has a bag full of powerful songs from her own pen and it sounds as if she has got a grip on all her possibilities. Dance, party, slow, zouk, sega/maloya music colour Telsy’s 11-track album recorded and mixed by Eddy Télémaque at his Relation Studio, La Misère.

“Eddy did a remarkable job and he is one of the best sound engineers here,” Telsy told Seychelles Nation in an interview yesterday.

“People just say wow! when they listen to the album. This is nice music they say and it’s thanks to Eddy who has been able to make my dream music into reality. He is just amazing!” added Telsy.

It took Telsy almost a year to work on the album and she entered the recording studio in May and completed the job in November as she wanted it to have a lasting impression on her fans whom she has thanked for their support.

“It hasn’t been easy. Eddy did all the music arrangements while Barry Quatre played the acoustic guitar on the song Zis Nou De. I would have preferred to have a band backing me on all the 11 songs, but it would have cost me a fortune,” said Telsy, whose album has been sponsored by Cable & Wireless after she won the best female artist for the year 2011 award during last year’s Cable Tunes award ceremony.

Telsy, who released her first album Little Queen when she was 13 years old, said she is expressing her feelings in the new work which she hopes will be a success locally, in the region and internationally.

“This is why I sing in Creole, French and English. I want people to not only love the music but also the lyrics,” noted Telsy, who added that she has been working on improving her voice with the Mahe Chamber choir.

“Some people loved how I sang live with DJ Georgio Bello during the inaugural Music Awards at the International Conference Centre (ICCS) last Friday and I hope to continue to give my fans some good music in the coming years,” said Telsy, who added that she won’t release a new album in 2013 but will instead concentrate on promoting Just me and featuring with other artists.

Sandra, Relay and Mercenary feature on Telsy’s Just me which is selling at R150 at the usual outlets.
The young singer would like to thank her father and producer Terry Carolla, her family, friends, fans, her work place Zil Air for understanding her music aspiration and God for giving her the talent.

The songs on the album are Lanmour, Girls Night Out, Imen Pli Parfe, Ladans Nou Losean featuring Sandra, Zis Nou De, Zouk à Moi, Lanniverser, Party Time, Vreman Nyce (remix) featuring Mecenary, Call Me, and In The Moment featuring Relay.

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