Athletics: cross-country series-Series winners put titles on the line


The first race of the cross-country series is today at 3pm

The defending champions are Marie-Noella Larue (girl under-16), Ned Azemia (boy under-16), Elzra Almaze (female youth under-18), Samuel Moustache (male youth under-18), Dyniz Bristol (female junior under-20), Keddy Moustache (male junior under-20), Simone Zapha (female senior over 20), James Barra (male senior over 20), Florise Ernesta (female veteran over 40) and Herbert Adrienne (male veteran over 40)

Today’s first race of the series of three organised by the Seychelles Athletics Federation (SAF) will start at 3pm.
The top three finishers in each category will receive prize money at the end of each race of the series.

Competitors in the female and male under-16 category will cover 2km (1 lap) and the record holders are Victoria Alis (7 minutes 26.4 seconds set in 2009) and Kevin Harryba (6 minutes 26.4 seconds set on April 8, 2011).

The cash prizes in this category are R300 (winner), R200 (runner-up) and R100 (third place finisher).

The distance to be covered by competitors in the female and male youth (under-18) division is 4km (2 laps) and the record holders over these distances are Phylis Labonne (15 minutes 35.0 seconds set on February 10, 2006) and Steward Louise (13 minutes 46.21 seconds set on April 4, 2012)

The top three finishers in this category get R500, R300 and R200.
Although the distances covered by female (6km) and male (8km) runners in the junior (under-20) division differ, the prizes are the same with the winners getting R800, runners-up R600 and third place finishers R400.

Phylis Labonne is the female junior 6km record holder with a time of 24 minutes 48.5 seconds set on February 22, 2006, while Keddy Moustache’s 8km record stands at 28 minutes 48.1 seconds and he got it on February 7, 2012
The cash prizes in the senior (over-20) division are R1,000 (winners), R800 (runners-up) and R600 (third place finishers). While the female competitors cover 8km, the male runners have to race over a distance of 12km.

The records to be beaten are 32 minutes 53.8 seconds belonging to Simon Labiche since January 24, 2009 and 38 minutes 57.5 seconds set by Simone Japha Ally on February 14, 2009.

Competitors in the female and male master (over-40) division will be gunning for the cash prizes of R800 (winners), R600 (runners-up) and R400 (third place getters).

The female 6km (3 laps) record holder in the master (over 35) category is Vivienne Vadivello with 29 minutes 25.0 seconds and she got the best time on February 22, 2011.

The men’s 8km (4-lap) master (over 40) record of 31 minutes 06.6 seconds is being held by Herbert Adrienne since February 19, 2011.

The record holders

Victoria Alis (girl (U16) 2km in 7:26.4 set on January 31, 2009)
Kevin Harryba (boy (U16) 2km in 6:26.4 set on April 8, 2011)
Phylis Labonne (female youth (U18) 4km in 15:35.0 set on February 10, 2006)
Steward Louise (13 minutes 46.21 seconds set on April 4, 2012)
Phylis Labonne (female junior (U20) 6km in 24:48.5 set on February 22, 2006)
Keddy Moustache’s (male junior (U20) 8km in 28:48.1 seconds set on February 7, 2012)
Simone Zapha (female senior (O20) 8km in 32:53.8 set on February 14, 2009)
Simon Labiche (male senior (O20) 12km in 38:57.5 set on January 24, 2009)
Vivienne Vadivello (female master (O35) 6km in 29:25.0 set on February 19, 2011)
Herbert Adrienne (male master (O40) 8km in 31:06.6 set on February 19, 2011)

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