New L’Union Estate board appointed


Keddy Nibourette has been appointed chief executive officer of the company, while Marymonde Matatiken, Ansley Constance, Flavien Joubert, Damien Thesee, Allan Kilindo and Veronique Herminie are all members.

The appointments took effect on December 1, 2012.
The Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment (MFTI) recommended to President James Michel to appoint a new board of directors after an audit of the state-owned L’Union Estate company by auditors of the internal audit division of the MFTI revealed several irregularities, including financial ones.

After examining the audit report, the Attorney General’s chamber also said that it discloses prima facie evidence that criminal offences have been committed.

The Attorney General’s chamber has recommended to the MFTI that a full criminal investigation takes place into the alleged financial irregularities of the L’Union Estate company.

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