Round Tablers host event in aid of orphans


A shopper contributes an item to the ‘basket’Shoppers who dropped in at Docklands, Grocer’s, Seychelles Trading Company and Temooljee supermarkets were asked to buy an extra item and put in the ‘basket’ of the association, to be later handed over to the orphanages.

As soon as the supermarkets opened their doors for business that Saturday morning, the association members took up their posts as they do every year.

Some people were seen giving an item, with each gesture being well appreciated, while others, who could afford to, gave several items to the cause.

The association’s community service counsellor Nigel Pillay told Seychelles Nation that they have been doing the activity for around seven years now at Christmas time.

“We ask people to only buy an extra item that they can afford to give to our basket. And at closing time, we sort the items out, separate them and donate to places such as President’s Village, Foyer de Nazareth, Foyer de la Providence, and Sisters of Charity at Anse Etoile,” he said.

He added that the response to Saturday’s event was largely positive, and that items received from the public ranged widely from sweets to breakfast cereals, biscuits, fruits, rice, and many, many more.

“We have even had people who have been able to contribute expensive items, and we are grateful for each contribution made, no matter how small or big.”

Mr Pillay said they hosted an orphans’ Christmas party last year, where Father Christmas was at hand to give presents, but added that the association is not only doing such activities for the festive season.

He said they will host an event for the orphans next year for Easter.

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