Karate-Steven Pouponneau promoted to 2nd dan black belt


Sempai Pouponneau (2nd left) with Shihans Phillip Moustache, Phillip Verghese and Francis Françoise

As he could not take part in the grading held last month, he was the only candidate for the grading session conducted by local Kyokushin branch chief Shihan Phillip Moustache 6th dan with newly promoted Shihans Phillip Verghese and Francis Françoise, both 5th dans, presiding as grading officers.

During the grading, Pouponneau was required to demonstrate all the basic and advanced techniques of Kyokushin karate. His physical ability was tested by means of numerous strength and endurance exercises after which he was required to perform katas up to the grade he was attempting as well as do a theoretical exam.

The hardest part of the test was that he was required to fight 31 opponents with all the fights being conducted under the International Karate Organisation (IKO) full contact rules.

Sempai Pouponneau became the first Seychellois karateka to ever fight three Shihans repeatedly during a grading session. The large crowd of colleagues who had turned up to witness the event cheered him on throughout the fights and by the last fight, Sempai Pouponneau was still standing.

Shihan Moustache then informed Sempai Pouponneau that he had succeeded in his test and promoted him to the rank of 2nd dan black belt. 

The year 2012 has been one of the best for the Kyokushin karate school with regard to black belt promotions. The school recorded two 5th dans, four 2nd dans and six 1st dan promotions.

Three students who were due to grade for their 3rd dans were unable to do so because Shihan Kenny Uytenbogaardt could not make a trip to Seychelles this year. They will attempt the grading early next year. 

Congratulations to Sempai Steven Pouponneau on his promotion to Nidan. 

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